Benefit from the expertise and experience of our commercial operations team

IUK’s wholly owned subsidiary, Bacton Agency Services Limited (BASL), is able to offer out-of-hours and/or agency services to industry players by utilising the personnel and facilities of the commercial operations team, based in central London.

The commercial operations team has extensive practical experience in delivering the existing Interconnector service to between 15 and 20 customer organisations on a 24/7 basis.

BASL has been providing agency services since 1998 and in recent years the range and complexity of services on offer has expanded to include provision to a number of new gas industry customers. 

We can work for you

BASL has full access to the resources of IUK.  This exposure to the gas markets of the UK and continental Europe make the team ideally suited to provide confidential, professional agency services to shippers and operators, whether or not such service includes the use of the Interconnector pipeline. 
Our team has hands-on experience of upstream, transportation and storage systems in Europe, in addition to National Grid’s Gemini system. Acting under instruction, the team are experienced in the execution of gas trades utilising the OCM system Eurolight.

Current customers include National Grid LNG Storage and South Hook Gas. 

National Grid

National Grid LNG Storage

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South Hook Gas


Further information

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