Capacity sales through Implicit Allocation

We may offer for sale up to a maximum of 75% of IUK's technical capacity through implicit allocation.

IUK's Implicit Allocation Product Guide explains the capacity products which may be offered via this mechanism.

Implicit allocation will run when the CAM NC Auctions are not taking place on PRISMA. A three month forward view of sales dates via this mechanism is published here.

Implicit Allocation Partners

IUK capacity made is available through Implicit Allocation via the following Partners:

IAM Partner IAM Platform Contact Details
HPC SA HPC Portal or +44 (0) 207 959 0347
Griffin Markets Ltd Griffin Portal or +44 (0) 207 808 4212
Cavendish Markets B.V PleXHub Ltd or +44 (0) 207 073 2621

All remaining available IAM capacity will be split equally between each partner.

Capacity price

Products offered via the Implicit Allocation mechanism will have a fixed price, which will be published in the IUK Charging Statement in advance of the gas day on which the capacity is offered.

Quantity of capacity available for purchase

The quantity of capacity being made available for sale through implicit allocation is available here and should be considered up to date until replaced. This includes information on the amount of capacity that has been sold via this mechanism.  

Implicit Allocation for January capacity is currently suspended until the close of the monthly auction on PRISMA (17 December). 

The below graph shows the total capacity booked via IAM only for Gas Year 2019-20.

(Last amendment to graph: 13 August 2019)

Short term capacity sales will be reported in the PDF above (last update: 06 December 2019)