Optimise your capacity portfolio by using our reshuffling service

Our reshuffling service is designed to give shippers the flexibility to shift capacity they have subscribed to either in time or location.

  • A time shift enables a shipper to reshuffle capacity purchased for one period of time for capacity for another period of time
  • A location shift allows a shipper to┬áreshuffle capacity at one location for capacity at another location

Certain conditions must be met by the shipper applying to reshuffle their capacity. Reshuffling rules setting out the service offered for any specific reshuffling process and the conditions to be met will be published on this page.

2015 reshuffling process

IUK offered a service allowing capacity held before 1 October 2018 to be reshuffled for capacity after 1 October 2018. This process has now closed and no capacity was reshuffled.

Full details of the service we offered are outlined in our reshuffling rules for 2015 process.