Our web based gas management tool has been developed in-house

The Interconnector Shippers Information System (ISIS®) enables shippers to nominate their requirements, manage their inventory and trade capacity on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis.  The system processes shippers’ information in line with our detailed business rules and provides a communications interface with the operators of adjacent gas transportation systems to ensure that the physical gas flow rates will meet demand.

Information gathered by ISIS® (gas flows, nominated requirements etc.) is used to produce the information provided in the Operational Data section of the website.

The detail

IUK’s sophisticated ISIS® system processes shippers’ specific requirements to determine how much gas to flow through the pipeline and in which direction.

ISIS® automatically generates gas flow notices detailing the hourly physical flow rates required to achieve shippers’ nominations and transmits them to the operators of the connected transportation systems (National Grid Gas and Fluxys).

ISIS® also monitors the amount of gas in the pipeline and can keep track of STA shippers’ past, current and predicted inventory levels.

ISIS logo


Access to ISIS® for IUK shippers is provided via an internet connection.

ISIS® is designed for:

  • 99.9% availability
  • Continuous updates
  • Automatic operation
  • Quick recovery
  • High security
  • Auditability

We can provide hands-on training in the use of ISIS® and for familiarisation with Interconnector’s business processes. Training is supported by a comprehensive e-learning package over the internet.

A joint nomination procedure has been established with each of our adjacent transmission system operators whereby a shipper in the adjacent transmission system may nominate via a single nomination on behalf of the counterparty shipper in IUK’s system. To facilitate Single Sided nominations, the Single Sided Nomination (SSN) form needs to be completed and sent to IUK.

Please contact us for more details.

ISIS® is the registered trademark device for the Interconnector Shippers Information System.