Pipeline entry and exit capacities at a glance

GWh/d values are based on an assumed GCV of 11.5 kWh/Nm3 for IBT entry/exit and IZT entry/exit.

The attached document provides more details on the maximum technical capacity of the Interconnector.

Information on booked and available capacity for the next 15 gas years can be found on our Data Downloads page, and on the ENTSOG Transparency Platform.


Technical Capacities*bcm/yGWh/dGWh/h
IBT Entry 20.0 630.1 26.3
IBT Exit 25.5 803.4 33.5
IZT Entry 25.5 803.4 33.5
IZT Exit 20.0 630.1 26.3


*Technical capacities from October 2018 may vary from those currently stated. Capacity after this date will be subject to, amongst other things, the availability of the facilities, contractual terms and conditions and the prevailing regulatory conditions.

Interruptible capacity equating to 3 bcm/y is typically made available for all entry and exit points. All interruptible capacity has been sold for the period through to 30 September 2018. Interruptible capacity after this date will be made available through PRISMA according to the rules set out in the IAC.