Transportation and inventory flexibility services available under the STA

All Interconnector technical capacity is sold until 1 October 2018 under the Standard Transportation Agreement (STA). The STA is a bilateral agreement between IUK and each of the shippers who have purchased capacity.

STA shippers also have access to an inventory flexibility service, allowing them short-term, fast-response storage between the NBP and Zeebrugge gas trading hubs. They also have access to an additional interruptible capacity service, when IUK can make the facility available due to favourable operating conditions.

The STA outlines the services offering in full and contains the operational rules applicable to the use of those services. A detailed description of our contractual arrangements can be found in our summary of the STA.

Accessing capacity

The STA has several mechanisms to facilitate secondary market trading of capacity, enabling third parties to sign-up to access the service on a flexible basis. Use of capacity purchased via these mechanisms will be subject to the operating rules of the STA.

Please refer to the IAA contract if you are looking to purchase capacity directly from IUK.