User friendly operational data and status information published online

We provide a daily summary of operational data - updated on an hourly basis - showing nominations, physical flow, pipeline inventory, gas quality and the operational status and availability of the pipeline.  The summary is available to download and a guide explains in detail the data displayed. Historical data is also available in the form of data downloads.

Offers to buy and sell capacity in the pipeline are shown in the capacity bulletin section of the capacity summary page, in addition to capacity transactions already in effect.

IUK will offer any available technical capacity on the PRISMA capacity booking platform as follows:

  • Daily, each day at 15:30 UKT
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly in accordance with the published timetable on PRISMA

You can find guides to operational data and gas quality and an explanation of the terminology and conventions used throughout the operational data section.  A units converter tool is also provided in this section.