Gas quality requirements

Requirements Unit Minimum Maximum
Gross Calorific Value (a) kWh/Nm3 10.81(b) 12.39
Wobbe Index (a) kWh/Nm3 13.82 15.07
Hydrocarbon Dew Point °C (1 to 69 barg)   -2
Water Dew Point °C (at 69 barg)   -10
Oxygen content ppm by vol   1000
Carbon Dioxide content Mole %   2.5
Hydrogen Sulphide content  ppm by vol
Total Sulphur at any time mg/m3   30

(a)  Combustion reference temperature is 25°C.
(b)  Subject to an IUK shipper’s reasonable endeavours to provide gas at a minimum of 10.94 kWh/Nm3 at the Delivery Point.

IUK does not have the facility to blend gas which does not comply with these specifications.


Operating conditions

Requirements Unit Minimum Maximum
Required pressure at the NTS Delivery Point barg 45.0 70.0
Required pressure at the FTS Delivery Point barg 55.0 80.0
Required temperature at the NTS Delivery Point °C 1 28(c)
Required temperature at the FTS Delivery Point °C 2 38