When converting between energy and volume, the GCV and energy values must have the same reference temperature.

bcm/y (normal) Billion (10^9) normal cubic metres per year
Nm3/h (normal) Normal cubic metres per hour
MNm3/d Million (10^6) normal cubic meters per day
Mcf/d (standard) Million (10^6) standard cubic feet per day
MMJ/d (TJ/d) Million Mega (10^12) Joules per day (1 MMJ = 1 TJ)
MMJ/h (TJ/h) Million Mega (10^12) Joules per hour (1 MMJ = 1 TJ)
Therms/d Therms per day
kWh/d Kilo (10^3) Watt-hours per day
kW (kWh/h) Kilo (10^3) Watts (1 kW = 1 kWh/h)
MW (MWh/h) Mega (10^6) Watts (1 MW = 1 MWh/h)
Tonne LNG/d Tonnes of liquefied Natural Gas per day
TOE/d Tonnes of Oil Equivalent per day
bcm (normal) Billion (10^9) normal cubic metres
Nm3 (normal) Normal cubic metres
MNm3 (normal) Million (10^6) normal cubic meters
Mcf (standard) Million (10^6) standard cubic feet
Mcm (standard) Million (10^6) standard cubic metres
MMJ (TJ) Million Mega (10^12) Joules (1 MMJ = 1 TJ)
Therms Unit of energy equivalent to 100,000 British Thermal Units (BTU)
kWh Kilo (10^3) Watt-hours
MW Mega (10^6) Watts
Tonne LNG Tonnes of liquefied Natural Gas
TOE Tonnes of Oil Equivalent