Our health and safety performance in 2017

A total of 230,000 man-hours was expended during the year with the following health & safety performance:

HSE 2017 Performance Pyramid

The terms used in the graph are explained as follows:

  • Lost Time Incident is where a person is absent from work for a period of three days or more as the result of a health and safety incident
  • Medical Treatment is where an injury requires more medical attention than a first aid case, but the person does not need time off work
  • First Aid Case is where an injury requires first aid treatment, but the injured person does not need time off work
  • Non-injury Incident is an accident where nobody is hurt
  • Safety Observation is a report of a potentially unsafe situation. All site personnel are encouraged to report unsafe practices, or conditions as a safety observation.  These are managed and closed-out at site-level.